Feminization, agricultural transition and rural employment (FATE)


3rd FATE workshop, Ilam and Birtamod, Eastern Nepal

The 3rd FATE workshop took place on 15th - 25th January 2017 in Ilam and Birtamod in Eastern Nepal. The content of the workshop focused on the comparative analysis of data and the preparation of the 2nd phase of the project. 

2nd FATE workshop, Paksé, Champasak Province, Lao PDR

The 2nd FATE workshop took place on 19th - 27th January 2016 in Paksé, Champasak Province, Lao PDR. The team discussed the first results of the survey and next steps for the project. The case study of Laos was presented and field visits took place. The coffee is the crop chosen for the study in Lao PDR.

The review panel visit took place on 23th - 26th January. 

1st FATE Workshop, Musanze, Rwanda

The 1st workshop took place on 8th - 18th February 2015 in Musanze, Northern Rwanda. The first workshop set up methodology aspects: household survey, qualitative methods, comparative analysis. The household survey took place between the first and the second workshop.